Thursday, March 4, 2010

Donations Needed!

We’re still going strong with our recycled material art units. Right now fifth grade is in need of some items and we just don’t seem to be getting enough. I KNOW these are things we can find around the house, and any little donation will do. Plus, it’s a chance to purge – spring cleaning! If anyone from the Briargrove community has any of these items and you’re willing to part with them, please drop them off anytime at the front office. The students would be so grateful! (Items in bold are especially needed.)

Beads of any size, shape, color, in any amount
Thread Spools
Small random pieces of plastic, Styrofoam, metal, wooden, etc.
Styrofoam egg cartons
Marker, pen and glue caps

Large bottle caps (like those from detergent and shampoo bottles)
Leftover raw noodles, especially bow tie, wagon wheel and penne type shapes
Bubble Wrap
Soda Tabs
Any kind of netting (from bags of fruit, cheese, wine bottles, etc.)
Interesting containers no larger than a square foot cube (like coffee tins, unique plastic bottles, fruit and veggie baskets, single serve Pringles packages, etc. etc.)

Of, course, just like I tell the students, don’t buy or donate anything new or still needed at home. And please make sure everything donated has been rinsed of any food or detergent particles. Any little donation will do – small amounts accumulate! Thanks so much for your help!!!

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