Friday, January 29, 2010

ARTIST INSPIRATION - Recreating Nature

Looking for more examples of professional artwork using recycled materials to create art that promotes an appreciation for nature. Here are just a couple examples:
Above is an amazing forest made from old rulers by Lizzie Thomas. Inspiring!
This butterfly is one of many beautifully constructed by Michelle Stitzlein, who uses found objects in her work. Michelle is also the artist who gave us the idea for the amazing bottlecap mural we are getting ready to begin!

Do you know of other artists who use recycled materials and focus on nature as a major theme in their work? Please share them with us!


  1. These are beautiful works! It's so affirming that your students will see that there is hope even in things that people throw away. It's a big project you've undertaken and here's a pat on the back for keeping it going!

  2. Katie - There is a site I thought I'd let you know about. I have a site that is essentially dedicated to art teachers sharing ideas of how we all can be more green in our classrooms. You may have seen a link to it before from my green art website. It's getting to the point now where I have enough members to get some good conversation going. I'd love to see you join and share all of the great things that you are doing in your room. Here is the link:

  3. I was just looking through your page and the art work is great!!! Love all the recyled materials!!