Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bottle Cap Collecting Mania!!!

Briargrove, you may have already heard... it's time to start collecting BOTTLE CAPS!
This summer, I discovered the artist Michelle Stitzlein through the awesome website, The Green Art Room. She had the brilliant idea to use bottle caps (which are difficult to recycle) as mosaic tiles to make murals and sculptures. Check out some of the work she did with students in Ohio by clicking here.
We will be coming up with our own versions of this wonderful Eco-friendly and beautiful art unit this year at Briargrove. So start collecting now!
A Couple Rules/ Guidelines for Collecting:
1. Start a collection bin in your home or classroom – reuse something like a coffee tin, pickle jar, etc. to hold them!
2. Make sure all caps are clean and rinsed free of juice, etc. as well as dirt!
3. A warning about FOOD ALLERGIES: If a student wants to bring in a Peanut Butter jar top or any other cap containing a nut product, instruct them to first have it scrubbed off and washed with dish washing detergent at home, and then to bring it in a separate sealed bag. I will not let any students handle them unless we are cleared that they have no nut allergies. This is something to take very seriously, and other food allergies should be considered as well!
Drop off your caps anytime and sort them by color in the bins by the door of the art room! Happy collecting!


  1. I am so excited to see the creativity and student participation in the green effort. Between the Green Art Room with Mrs. Gonzalez and the Recycling Program that Mrs. Abair is heading, Briargrove Elementary is really making a difference! - Mrs. Russell


  3. ms g i love your art by will a. i am in ms simpson's class

  4. Almost two years later, my school has a bottlecap mural! We began collecting in Spring 2010 and in May 2011 created the first installment of our mural. I just posted pictures : )