Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soda Tab Bracelets!

Fourth grade student, Milena, wowed me with a really cool way to reuse soda tabs for jewelry!

Her cousin taught her this cool technique in which ribbons are weaved through soda tabs to connect them into a beautiful bracelet.

You can see the detailed weaving in this shot.

Here is another work-in-progress. Milena is planning on wearing this one for Halloween!

Here's the artist modeling her work! So beautiful and intricate! And fashionable as well! This is a great reminder that jewelry is an art form, too. What other recycled materials could you use to make unique jewelry? Please share your ideas with us in a comment, or bring your work to show me in the art room!
Thanks for sharing Milena!


  1. What a great job all the kids are doing. They are all being so creative! Gabriel loves to remind me to keep ALL bottle caps!

  2. Hola me gusta mucho tus pulseras de latas , me podias mandar un como se hace , es para hacer una a mi hija .... Te mando mi correo gracias

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  4. ola !! me podrias decir como se hace ?
    muchas gracias , un saludo .
    miriam .

  5. Is there one certain technique?

  6. You should try pop tab purses! And I love the bracelet! I'm going to find a tutorial for it right now!

  7. I would like to try this! Could you elaborate on the weaving technique?