Sunday, October 4, 2009

Items to Collect for Art Supplies!

Do you have any of these items at home that you don't want anymore? Bring them (CLEAN!) to the Art Room so we can make some eco-friendly art out of them! The pictures below give examples, but not limits. If you think you have something cool we could use, send me an email or bring it on in! Happy collecting!!!
String, Yarn, Ribbon, Thread, even clean Shoelaces! Bring in the Spools from thread, yarn and string, too!
Straws, Stirrers, Coffee Filters, etc.!
Fruit and Vegetable Netting
Used Tape Spools
Metal Caps, Lids and Tabs (please do not bring these in if they come from an alcoholic beverage and have the brand name stated on the cap)
Egg Cartons - especially the Styrofoam and plastic kind
Glue Nozzles (please don't detach the orange part from the white part if it has not already come apart)
All Kinds of Marker and Pen Caps!

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls
Plain and Textured Scrap Paper and Cardstock (like leftovers from crafting or scrap-booking)
Magazines with Pictures of Food, Animals, Homes; Children and Family Magazines (use discretion - please only bring in child-appropriate material)
Cool Postcards, Fliers, Patterned Paper
Old Cards and Envelopes (look at these cool metallic envelopes we can use for collage!)
Flattened Thin Cardboard Boxes (from things like cereal, breakfast bars, frozen foods, crackers, cookies, etc.)

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